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- What is Michigan's Graduated Licensing System?
     -A Guide For Parents 

- How old do I have to be to take segment 1?
     - You must be at least 14 years and 8 months old by the first day
        of class.

- What does segment 1 consist of?
     - 24 hours of classroom instruction
     - 6 hours behind the wheel
     - 4 hours of observing other students driving

-What if I miss a day?
     - We offer make-up classes

- What are the requirements to take segment 2?
     - You must have had your level 1 license for at least 90 days.
     - You must have logged at least 30 hours of driving with a      
        minimum of 2 at night.
     - You must have a driving log.

- Where are the classes held?
     - North Branch classes are held in the lecture room in the High                School.
     - North Branch Summer classes are held on the second floor at               Quest High School.
     - Lapeer classes are held at Community of Christ Church.

-How much do the classes cost?

     - We always guarantee the lowest price!  We will beat all 
        competitors' prices by $10!  
     - Segment 1 is $280 and Segment 2 is $40.

-How can I pay for my classes?
     - Segment 1
             - Cash or Check.  1/2 of the payment is due on 
                the first day with the remainder due by the last day of class.
     -  Segment 2
             - Cash only.

-How can I study for my Segment 1 test?
             - http://driving-tests.org/michigan/michigan-permit-practice-test/


Class Offerings
Road Testing
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